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WHL Plant was founded on a mission to bring integrity and equality to the Cannabis Industry.  

WHL Plant Co-Founder, Dre Trobradovic, shares a piece of the founding inspiration:

"The vast majority of cannabis companies report high turnover, especially among ground level employees, while those retained are often disgruntled and contribute to a toxic work environment. I've witnessed it over and over. This made no sense; how is it so hard to keep employees happy, or keep employees at all, in such an exciting industry with limitless potential? We're selling weed after all! Legally at that! With the security of real pay stubs, HR departments, benefits, discounts, you name it... We realized a common theme among many cannabis companies we had worked both for and with: they lacked integrity, structure, and vision. As a result, the companies often found themselves in vicious cycles of putting out fires without any time and resources left to focus on actually growing the business. My professional philosophy has always been, 'Focus on your people, and the results come naturally.' You can't deliver on that philosophy without a sound infrastructure, a passionate vision that your employees and customers will buy into, or by doing things that make your company one that people don't feel good about working for and giving their money to. After all, we spend way too much of our lives working to not feel a sense of purpose in our work, or worse, hate it. So we started WHL Plant."

WHL Plant aims to change the industry culture with the belief that only the most structurally sound and visionary companies committed to rewarding employee experiences, which define consumer experiences, will prevail even over more well capitalized companies.

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